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What's New in RWD Version 5
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FirstClass Depot is pleased to announce that RWD Version 5 is now available to customers who have current Maintenance and Support contracts* (see contact us).

RWD version 5 represents a refinement of the features and capabilities introduced in earlier versions of the product, along with some new and exciting capabilities to further enhance your organization's web communications.  

We've added a number of advanced features that will help trained web developers get more out of RWD and control things at a more granular level, but we've also addressed the every day publisher's needs in a number of important ways.

Designed for servers running FirstClass 10 and above, RWD 5 is going to change the way you publish!

As usual, we've broken our upgrades into three main areas:  

1) Design and Layout Enhancements - New in this release:
Site-Wide Mashup Settings
Mashup colors and fonts settings can now be set for all mashup pages in a given website.  This new functionality relieves users of the responsibility of having to set each mashup page's colors and fonts individually, although the capability to create individually customized mashup pages is preserved.

Additional Mashup Formats
Several new styles (gradients) for mashup tab presets have been added to match more color schemes
Scrolling Messages
In previous versions of RWD, the Scrolling Message section was not customizable graphically; the section containing the message simply opened up and displayed the message.  In RWD5, the Scrolling Message area can be formatted to integrate with the other sections because you can now set a background color or image, as well as left and right bookend images just as in the other sections of the Header Area.

Top and Bottow 'Row' Mashup Panels TOP_MASHUP.gifThe immensely popular Mashup feature of RWD now has new panels that can be added both above and below the existing 3 column layout.  The new Top and Bottom panels work the same way as the existing columns do, except that content in these new panels spans the entire width of the page.  This new capability dramatically expands the number of options designers have for layout on the page. (click image for a brief demonstration)

Global (all pages of all sites) Header Links Bar
In addition to the existing graphical banner and system wide scrolling message capabilities, RWD Global control now features a fully functional Header Links bar with drop down menus for system-wide links.  This functionality facillitates having, for example, district links on every page of all school sites.  The capability to group websites under different Global Control influence remains to facilitate displaying one set of global links for one group of schools or branches and a different set of links for another group.

SNAGHTML359a7096.pngA small, but often requested feature for RWD has been added to this release.  RWD now supports the favicon which displays beside the web address with a simple interface to enter the path to the favicon image built into the Site Administrator Form.

2) FirstClass Objects / Other Objects on the web - New in this release:
We are very pleased to announce that RWD 5 is now fully compatible with FirstClass Personal Web Publishing!  

Users who have created websites using FC Personal Web Publishing can continue to use that capability if they wish while the web presentation of their site falls under the control of RWD and takes on the attributes appropriate for the content object being viewed (document, blog, calendar, and podcast).
AutoNav - Automatic navigation created just by adding content

The best way to get content to the web with less work and less training required, the AutoNav capability of RWD 5 allows a user to simply work in a container on whatever they wish - blogs, documents, podcasts, calendars, graphics galleries, file repositories, and even contacts.  The AutoNav container has its own custom menu bar and custom picker, as well as a different set of icons and overall appearance than other RWD containers.

The menus in the AutoNav Flyout are created by the content in the container and build themselves automatically!

New Conference views for Mashups
We're very excited to introduce several new objects available in the RWD Mashup view.  The 'Preview Container List' special format introduced in RWD 4 has been so popular that we added two new views:
Rotating Preview Container - Key information that draws attention to itself

This special format can be used to display the top 4 (most recent) posts to a conference in a vertically compact mashup panel that will automatically 'rotate' or cycle through each of the previews displayed in a stack at the right side of the object.  

This object can be used when a dynamic result that draws visitors to your conference content is desired on your page.


Featured Content Slider - A browser for your conferences

This object is similar to the Rotating Preview Container object in that both show the most recent 4 posts to a conference.

However, the the layout and function of the objects is different;  The 'Featured Content Slider' object is organized with a horizontal listing of the item previews which does not automatically move between the items posted but rather requires a mouse-click to move between previews.  

Another key difference is that the slider allows visitors to click a < slider > control to view the next 4 items in the conference - and to move back and forth between blocks of four posts.  

This object is perfect when you wish to conserve space on your mashup page but still bring all of the items contained within a conference to the web in an intuitive and easy to use way.

3) Automation and Management Control - New in this release

3) Automation and Management Control - New in this release:

New Site Object Picker Options

New Sub Site object:  This object is an RWD web container that includes common objects needed by users who need to publish departmental websites.  The site template uses a mashup format main page to display the most commonly used objects in a departmental website, but of course the site can be completely customized once deployed.

New Empty AutoNav Container: A real breakthrough in RWD 5, the AutoNav container is now available to add to sites through the picker. Once deployed, use the new AutoNav picker to deploy Documents (web pages), Blogs, Calendars, Podcasts, and Graphics Galleries quickly and easily.  Everything you add to your AutoNav Container will appear in the automatically generated menus on the web page.  Delete something, and that menu item will go away.  It doesn't get any simpler than this.

New Open in Browser Bookmark: This is a deployable bookmark that can be set to open your browser right to whatever page you wish.  When first deployed, you will be automatically taken to a web page with instructions, including a video, that will explain how to quickly set the bookmark up for your particular page.

News Blog with no Thumbnail: Almost identical to the standard RWD Blog container, this conference is set to use normal FirstClass messages instead of the customized message form that has the thumbnail image feature.  We think this type of blog may be useful for shared blogs where you can't always guarantee that the user is familiar with RWD and the customized message form.
Advanced Course Website: Designed particularly for high school teachers who teach multiple subjects.  The new course website employs the mashup capability of RWD to provide what is essentially a zero-click web interface for a particular subject with an assignments container, course calendar, syllabus, and welcome screen.  As always, the course website can be completely customized to suite the builder.

SNAGHTML6f2c8637.pngNew Classroom AutoNav Container: This container comes preloaded with the common objects needed by those who teach - a news blog, a homework blog, a calendar, a graphics gallery, a files repository, and a welcome page.  Anything you don't want in your site can be deleted and the menu will adjust itself accordingly, as it will when new objects or pages are added.
Just add one of these to your existing website, make a link to it, and begin publishing content!

  • (Click on image to see it full size)

New Teacher Website Templates

New Basic / Elementary Teacher Site: For users who are not ready for the more advanced features of RWD, this teacher site contains only one RWD Page - the Class Home Page.  In addition to the Home Page, is a Web Content Folder that the teacher can add directly to their FirstClass Desktop.  This container is a Classroom AutoNav Container that has been pre-loaded with all of the objects that a teacher needs to get publishing but requires no linking or setup.

Advanced / High School Teacher Site:  High School Teachers usually teach more than one subject and hardly ever have the same students in each subject.  This website template is built to be built (if you get our meaning).  It contains only a Home Page and a short help document to get teachers started with the deployment of their course-specific websites.

New Global Site Administrator Group  and Modified Site Administrator Role

In RWD version 5 a new group "RWDe Global Administrators Group" has been introduced.  This new group will take over the role of the group known as the RWDe Site Administrator and give it's members all the forms and capabilities previously available in the RWDe Site Administrator group. A Global Administrator would then help with modifying the look and feel of sites when required.

The RWDe Site Administrator group still exists, and will disseminate a simplified Site Administrator form allowing Site Administrators to concentrate on keeping site wide links up to date, deploy teacher and departmental websites, etc.     

These changes were made because in many implementations of RWD, the RWDe Site Administrators are not charged with the development of the website design, but rather the day to day maintenance of the site.  Given this reality, the much simplified interface for the RWDe Site Administrator Form should be welcomed by web site Administrators - and those that do need all of the power they had previously can simply be added to the RWDe Global Site Administrators Group to restore their full access.

Enhanced Pickers

Click on image to view larger version of image (250kb)Pickers were introduced in RWD 2 as means of providing pre-made content to web page builders easily.

In RWD 5, we've added some more templates with the latest thinking about how to deliver content via this remarkable method.

Using the pickers, website builders can add pre-templated pages (with pre-made tables, etc in them), they can add folders, blog conferences, podcasts, graphics galleries, calendars and pre-templated mini-websites.    In addition to what comes with RWD, customers can add their own content to the picker system to deploy a virtually limitless set of objects to the user base.

Enhanced Administrative Automation

When FirstClass upgrades take place, a set of steps must be taken by the FirstClass Administrator to restore the relationship between RWD and FirstClass Internet Services.  In previous versions of RWD, these steps had to be performed manually.  In RWD 4, the restoration of function is as quick as a click of a button - both to standard sites and sites where Internet Services is clustered.

Deployment of Global Control functionality also has been set up as a one-click operation.

Enterprise Site Management

In large sites with many school sites in them (and, by extension very large numbers of teacher sites), the deployment and administration of teacher sites can be rather complicated.  Teachers are hired, transferred, retired, etc. and keeping track of the directory of these teacher's sites requires a fairly constant level of attention.  FirstClass Depot has developed a platform for managing these situation using FirstClass Application Services (FCAS).  Enterprise Site Management for RWD is an open ended application that requires customization for each customer but, once in place, can dramatically reduce administrative requirements within the system.

Data Connectivity

An ongoing focus of FirstClass Depot is the ability to integrate both FirstClass content and organizational back-end data on the web. Parent Portals, Corporate Portals and private websites are becoming more and more important as RWD develops.  FirstClass Depot has developed several of these types of applications and some of the development in RWD 4 lends itself to a better user experience in these types of applications.  Individual consultation is required to provide more information in this area*

Contact Us

*Please contact us to book a demonstration of RWD or to discuss the upgrade process. Because there are a number of different implementations of RWD around the world, this upgrade must be done in partnership with our support group at FirstClass Depot.  After this version is installed, we expect future upgrades to the product to be self-serve capable.

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