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Rapid Web Designer
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Rapid Web Designer (RWD) is a robust and easy-to-use solution for managing web publishing across organizations or school districts.  With RWD, the overall design and management of the website is centrally controlled to ensure brand consistency across all web properties within an organization.  Within education environments, RWD can manage and control websites across an entire school district, including individual school, class, and teacher sites.

For businesses, RWD offers centralized control of all corporate websites and web pages across distributed offices including franchises, subsidiaries, and more.  

Best of all, with RWD, the task of publishing content to the web can be shared safely with the subject matter experts in the organization, and content published in one place can be shared to any or all of the websites within that organization.

RWD provides a suite of tools that enables non-technical users to easily publish fresh, relevant content within the website framework without the requirement of any knowledge of HTML.

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