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Rapid Web Designer is a powerful solution for enterprise content management on the web that leverages your FirstClass server's capabilities.  With almost no design work at all, RWD still creates good looking websites that can be made quickly and easily with very little training.

For many customers, the look and feel of their website is nearly as important as the content itself.  RWD can be used to create very sophisticated looking websites that are truly professional and functional.

We can help you with website design and graphic design.   We have branding and communications experts who can help you build your brand from the ground up, or we can help you achieve brand consistency on your FirstClass platform - client side and web side.  We are (obviously) experts at using RWD to achieve very specific results and we know what is possible and what is best done other ways.  We can even help you incorporate other web technologies into your website (HTML, PHP, Javascript, Flash, e-commerce).
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We can help you with your FirstClass structure to best leverage your conferences, folders, calendars, permissions, etc to make your website a seamless extension of your FirstClass system - efficiently managed and well designed.
If you don't already use FirstClass, we can help you to understand how FirstClass and RWD can dramatically improve your organization's communications - internally and externally.
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