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FirstClass Archive Services
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Supported Platforms - Choose the platform that's right for you, not us.

One of the key values that FirstClass provides to our customers is flexibility and choice when it comes to supported computing platforms. We're not in the business of selling computer hardware or operating systems so we have no reason to force our customers to run a particular operating system or to upgrade their infrastructure just to run our latest software.

This means that you can choose to run FirstClass on the platform that best suits your environment – Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. The FirstClass server runs identically on all three platforms.

FirstClass also provides tremendous choice at the user level with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux "thin client" software options available as well as a range of web user interfaces to fit a wide variety of browser-based environments. The FirstClass Client works the same way on all supported operating systems, so there are no "second-class" users. Imagine the benefit of being able to support the Windows, Mac, and Linux users within your organization with a consistent, identical suite of services.

The FirstClass 10 server and all subsequent releases requires significantly more of both memory and processors than in earlier versions of the server. The largest use of the additional memory and processors is the new indexing component introduced in the FC 10.0 server, but there are other core features that take advantage of these increased hardware requirements. Different operating systems are no longer as significant in comparison, however, hardware requirements are fairly consistent across all OS platforms.

All Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux servers will need at least:

Quad-processor 64-bit (4 CPUs, in any configuration) or more
8GB RAM (sites with FCNS exceeding 250GB content store, more would be even better)

Large sites: (>200 GB FCNS, more than 250 concurrent sessions)
8 cores (64-bit) or more (in any configuration)
16GB RAM or more (depending on the size of the FCNS)

If your FCNS is 100-125 GB, FirstClass Mirroring will soon no longer be a viable option as part of your backup plan. You will need to look at an expensive SAN/NAS snapshot-capable device to perform backups of the FCNS.

Last Modified: Apr 01, 2015
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