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FirstClass Solutions Overview
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Solutions - Understanding the unique needs of your organization

FirstClass is a cost-effective and powerful solution for both education and corporate organizations that provides all the tools for managing a communication and collaborative solution.  The flexible design of FirstClass allows each organization to choose how best to utilize the system and customize it to meet their unique needs, resulting in a variety of compelling industry solutions that are outlined in this section.

FirstClass for Education

FirstClass enables schools and districts to connect all key stakeholders within the education framework - including students, teachers, parents, administration, and alumni - within a secure online environment. Thousands of schools, school districts and higher education institutions are using FirstClass today to manage all of their communication and collaboration needs.

To learn more about FirstClass in an education environment click here.

FirstClass for Business

FirstClass facilitates and enhances communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing by connecting all stakeholders across an organization’s core community — including employees, customers, partners, and suppliers — within a secure online environment. FirstClass brings together a variety of popular technologies within a fully integrated suite of applications that is cost-effective, flexible, and easy to manage and administer.

To learn more about FirstClass in a business environment click here.

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