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FirstClass ED - Powerful teaching tools for the classroom and beyond.

FirstClass ED® is an innovative education development application designed  to seamlessly integrate with the FirstClass communications and collaboration platform. Offering a robust set of tools for both teaching and learning, FirstClass ED delivers the flexibility to extend education beyond the traditional brick and mortar classroom setting – providing a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for automating and enhancing the process of learning.

•     Connect students, teachers, parents and administration within a collaborative, online learning

•     Flexible software to support multiple education delivery formats – from virtual schools to blended and
      hybrid learning models.

•     A secure environment for school and district-wide curriculum sharing among teaching professionals.

•     Online course resources, tools and assignment submission.

•     Accurately Evaluate Student Behavior and Performance.

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For more detailed information on the features and function of FirstClass ED, please download the datasheet below.

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