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Long before the World Wide Web and the concept of Social Media was invented, FirstClass was bringing people together in ways still unmatched today.  Collaboration is the key to tapping the vast resources of people's ideas and experiences to further an organization's goals.  

Originally invented for use in an educational setting, FirstClass continues to provide organizations large and small with a powerful suite of capabilites that lets people communicate more effectively and with unmatched security - security good enough for some of the World's police services and now the G8 Economic group.

All organzations, regardless of their purpose would do well to adopt to some degree, the model of effective educational institutions where those people with knowledge or understanding in a particular area can share their knowledge and expertise with those with less.  That's how learning, training and growth happens, regardless of whether the learner is a student, a salesman or a CEO.

Educational institutions, Government agencies, and Corporations the World over use FirstClass to do more with less.


FirstClass Collaboration Suite

The FirstClass Collaboration Suite is a fully integrated suite of applications designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within any organization regardless of its size. FirstClass takes communication capabilities well beyond standard groupware solutions by integrating a powerful set of features and applications for online collaboration, learning, content sharing and publishing.

4272009_32210_0.jpgThe FirstClass Collaboration Suite includes the following integrated components:

See the Solutions section for information about how FirstClass fits into your world.

For more detailed information on the integrated components of the FirstClass Collaboration Suite, please download the FirstClass Collaboration Suite Brochure.   

The FirstClass Desktop - A personalized portal to your online community

All FirstClass users are outfitted with a personalized desktop that is presented each time they log in to the system.  The FirstClass desktop acts as a portal, providing:

•     A summary view of all applications a user has been granted access to.

•     One-click access to all features and functions of FirstClass.

•     A place to add and organize shortcuts to personally relevant collaborative areas of FirstClass.

•     A customizable desktop for unique background graphics (eg. company logos, images, etc.) that can
       be easily set by individual users or applied to a large group of users by an administrator seeking to
       maintain and control a consistent brand across an organization.   

•     Multiple desktop views, including traditional FirstClass format, Outlook-style or a combination of both.

Sample FirstClass Desktop  
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FirstClass Messaging  - Powerful email and instant messaging capabilities

FirstClass offers fully functional email capabilities that enable users to securely communicate within the organization’s online community or to external Internet destinations.

FirstClass offers an incredibly powerful suite of messaging features that includes:

•     Message grouping and previews

•     Mail automation tools, message tracking and status

•     Message notification for mobile users

•     Integrated instant messaging that enables users to check if another user is online and instantaneously share messages, graphics, files, and even voice communications

Sample Email Message
Sample Instant Message
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FirstClass Conferences and Workspaces - Collaborative online spaces for shared projects and interests

Most traditional groupware solutions require users to develop numerous email distribution lists as the only means to disseminate information to multiple recipients.  FirstClass Conferences and Workspaces consolidate information from multiple sources (ie. email, calendar events, files, etc.) into one place that is organized by topic.  FirstClass eliminates the need for email distribution lists by enabling users to proactively access the content they are interested in (and have permissions to view), without being inundated with hundreds of unsolicited email messages in their inbox that need to be read, sorted, and filed or deleted.  

 FirstClass Conferences and Workspaces can facilitate:

•     Bulletin board-style threaded discussion groups.

•     Digital resource sharing facilities.

•     Team project workspaces.

•     Knowledge base repositories.

•     Virtual classrooms or meeting rooms.

•     Announcement forums.

•     Customer interaction workspaces.

•     Peer group collaboration forums.  

About FirstClass Conferences

Secure online spaces for group collaboration and knowledge sharing.

A conference enables groups of users with shared interests to securely exchange information such as messages, files, forms, documents, calendars, contacts, bookmarks, and other digital resources, within a single, contained environment.  Conferences have permission-based controls to ensure that only appropriate people have access to each conference, and the role each person can play within the conference is well defined.

For example, if an organization's social committee needs to collaborate on a project, they could create a "Social Committee" conference that would automatically generate an icon to appear on each member's desktop (based on permissions).  Instead of endless email threads with discussions, file attachments, and calendar invitations, all of this content would be sent directly to the Social Committee conference - enabling members to check the conference for new content (indicated by a red flag) as it is added.

Workflow Applications Using Conferences

In addition to the collaborative aspect of conferencing, fully featured workflow applications can be built within the conference structures to allow for any number of functions within the organization to be accomplished without having to resort to expensive third-party software.

About FirstClass Workspaces

Create an online shared space in seconds.

FirstClass Workspaces are designed with many of the features of FirstClass Conferences, but intended for project-based work teams seeking a central location to share files, participate in group discussions, and collaborate on topics of interest.  Workspaces are quick and easy for users to create - just a few clicks and you're ready to go.

• Enable collaboration and peer discussions on a wide array of topics such as corporate strategies, communities of interest, departmental plans, and administrative policies.

• Permission-based controls ensure that only appropriate people have access to each Workspace.

• A selection of pre-formatted templates enables quick and easy set up of new Workspaces

FirstClass Calendars - Personal, group and resource scheduling with a single calendar.

FirstClass offers comprehensive calendaring, scheduling, and time management capabilities that are tightly integrated within the FirstClass environment.  FirstClass calendaring enables individuals, teams, or an entire organization to effectively manage their time, interactions, and resources with highlights including:

• A wide range of viewing options, including weekly, monthly, and flexible multi-day views.

• Robust scheduling with “at a glance” access to a participant’s or resource’s availability for booking and calendar conflict resolution.

• Support for repeat events, formatted text, and attachment of files and messages.

Calendar View
Scheduling View
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FirstClass Contact Management - Centralized management of personal and shared contacts.

FirstClass provides an easy-to-use set of contact management tools that enable users to effectively manage their personal contacts as well as create shared contact databases for use within teams.  In addition, FirstClass comes equipped with a powerful central user directory system that automatically makes contact information and a rich set of supplementary information available for all users on the system.

Personal and Shared Contacts

Create and share contact information with peers.

FirstClass users can manage a virtually unlimited number of personal contacts, and track a wide range of information for each contact record.  Users can easily set up mail lists making sending messages to groups of users quick and convenient.  Multiple contact databases can be created to further simplify complex contact management requirements.

FirstClass enables users to share contact databases with others while utilizing customizable permissions controls that manage who can access or edit the contact details.  This powerful feature enables organizations to create and effortlessly share common contact information such as customer and supplier lists, parental contact information, and so on.

Users can also import and export contact information between FirstClass and a wide variety of external software applications, supported by the most popular standards including vCard and CSV formats.


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FirstClass User Directory/Presence Management

Easily identify and collaborate with users who are online.

FirstClass includes a central user directory system that automatically makes contact information and a rich set of supplementary information available for all users on the FirstClass system. FirstClass provides users with a powerful “Who’s Online” tool for interacting with colleagues on the system (ie. addressing mail, launching IM sessions, and accessing calendars) by highlighting in bold the names of users who are currently connected.
Users also have the ability to create FirstClass Résumes — user profiles that can contain contact details, job titles or role descriptions, personal information (ie. special interests, hobbies, etc.), pictures or graphics.

Who's Online
Sample User Resume
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FirstClass Web Publishing - Web pages, blogs and podcasts. Simplified.

FirstClass enables users to easily create, update, and maintain web pages, as well as create blogs and podcasts, directly from within the FirstClass system — without the need for any knowledge of HTML coding.   

Looking for a centralized web content solution to manage multiple websites across your organization or school district?  Click here to learn more about the Rapid Web Designer (RWD) solution from FirstClass and FirstClass Depot.  

 FirstClass File Storage

Content that's as portable as you are.

To enable greater efficiency and security, all user data in FirstClass resides securely “on the network” rather than left exposed on individual personal computers, resulting in:

• Portable content — all files stored in FirstClass can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any type of Internet-enabled computer or handheld device.   
• Easy storage of files of any type through simple “drag and drop” from a local computer or through the Upload/Download tools within FirstClass.

File List View
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Flexible File Management

Organize your content the way you want to.

FirstClass makes it easy for users to store any kind of file within their FirstClass account, giving them truly mobile data.  File folders can be created directly on the FirstClass Desktop, or nested within other folders, conferences, or mailboxes.  

Users have complete flexibility in how they organize their network-based FirstClass folders, but common uses include folders such as:

•     My Files
•     My Music
•     My Photos
•     My Presentations
•     Project Documents
•     Reports  

FirstClass as a File Server (FTP/CIFS)

Supporting standards-based approaches for file storage.

FirstClass acts like a file server with its support for standards-based approaches for file storage such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and CIFS (Client Internet File System).

A wide array of standard FTP client programs can be used to upload and download files from FirstClass, and the system can be set up to require authentication from the FTP client if desired.  CIFS support enables users to mount their FirstClass Desktop as a remote drive.  Once this is established, files on FirstClass can be accessed just like files on any standard network volume.

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