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RWD a Hit with the Community
The recent award of an RFP in Hillsborough County Florida to RWD is now in the implementation phase.  As part of the process, 15 pilot websites were created and the subjected to a district-wide evaluation of how closely RWD met the claims we made in the RFP, along with how pleased the district (Community members, parents, school staff) were with the RWD 7 websites.  Below is a excerpt from a brief that the Web Communications Department presented to the district administration.

Feedback from all stakeholders was used to inform the district's evaluation of Phase I and II of this implementation.
The evaluation team met in order to:

1. Determine if all items outlined in the RFP were met by First Class Depot.
2. Determine if feedback from various stakeholders demonstrated satisfaction with the product delivered by FirstClass Depot.

The evaluation team found that First Class Depot did meet all requirements as outlined in the original RFP.
The evaluation team also reviewed results from feedback surveys. Results represent responses from community members, parents, school staff, and school site web contacts.

A summary of the feedback follows:

School Website Redesign Community Survey Results (Completed by community members, parents, and school staff):

  • 86% of respondents felt the website met their needs
  • 85% of respondents said it was easy to find what they were looking for
  • 77% of respondents found what they were looking for in a reasonable amount of time
  • 91% of respondents found the new templates to be visually appealing
These marks are exceptional according to HCPS, and the rest of the implementation is under way, with a deployment schedule of 50 schools per month until all 250 school websites are deployed.