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 The product and the process have been truly amazing!
Our partnership with FirstClass Depot to use RWD to build a custom portal for parents (myOlentangy) has allowed us to build a system to give specific information about each child to their parents in a secure setting.  We are able to create a custom page that displays specific information about a child from different data sources, but it also allows us to distribute control of content across the district allowing the buildings to communicate directly through tools they already know (FirstClass) and are very easy to use.  This also allows Central Office to use these same tools to control content as well.

Our goal was to create a partnership that would allow us to gain knowledge so that we could continue to improve features and add content within this portal over time.  We are adding additional features continuously, and the partnership with FirstClass Depot has allowed us to be cost efficient and highly successful.

We set out to build a portal and established a community in the process.  We cannot thank FirstClass Depot enough for the ease of use of this tool and the guidance as we continue to develop.  The product and the process have been truly amazing!

842009_30923_0.pngKeith Pomeroy
Director of Technology
Olentangy Local Schools