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Thumbnail  The product and the process have been truly amazing!  Mark Dowdell  Our partnership with FirstClass Depot to use RWD to build a custom portal for parents (myOlentangy) has allowed us to build a system to give specific information about each child to their parents in a secure setting.  We are able to create a custom page   2015/4/1 7:37 AM     14K -
Thumbnail Currently deploying 350 plus websites, 20,000 teachers!  Mark Dowdell  "RWD promised an easy solution to publishing, maintaining and managing websites. They delivered a system that works in our environment and is well suited for education. Teachers are excited about the potential of having their own websites for classroom c  2015/4/1 7:37 AM     27K -
Thumbnail Thanks RWD!  Mark Dowdell  RWD has dramatically changed the nature of web publishing in Wolf Creek Public Schools. We're moving towards what we term the democratization of web publishing. Instead of a single webmaster who struggles to keep up, we now can distribute web publishing  2015/4/1 7:37 AM     51K -
Thumbnail The feedback has been great, really great...  Mark Dowdell  Thanks so much! The feedback has been great, really great, from teachers, student and parents. I know when students take the time to email me in the summer about how great the new site is that we've done something right. You and your team have made   2015/4/1 7:37 AM     78K -
Thumbnail RWD is by far the simplest...  Mark Dowdell  Thank you for your support in getting North Lanarkshire school websites online. As the 4th largest education authority in Scotland we had been looking for effective Web development software to allow our schools to have a Web presence. I have been training  2015/4/1 7:37 AM     28K -
Thumbnail RWD is the PERFECT system for our teachers...  Mark Dowdell  "Sweet Home Central School District spent a great deal of time reviewing and testing web content management systems to replace our older system. The last in the review process was RWD and after the terrific presentation by FirstClass Depot it was no conte  2015/4/1 7:37 AM     54K -
Thumbnail ..more and more are requesting access each day..  Mark Dowdell  "Over the summer our school district reviewed a number of website content management systems to replace our legacy system. FirstClass Depot provided a top-notch demonstration of Rapid Web Designer's key features which made us confident it was the right s  2015/4/1 7:37 AM     55K -
Thumbnail ...and what a cost effective solution it was!  Mark Dowdell  "Rapid Web Designer allowed us to involve all members of our school in the creation of our website, and the ease with which it can be used lets us keep everything up to date. Teachers are able to maintain a syllabus, our nurse has links to websites for   2015/4/1 7:37 AM     29K -
Thumbnail RWD takes away all of that fear...  Mark Dowdell  "What impresses us the most about RWD as a district, is the simplicity of use for our instructional staff. Most people are very familiar with email, however not everyone is familiar with how to create a web site. RWD takes away all of that fear, angst,   2015/4/1 7:37 AM     16K -
Thumbnail This is the perfect tool...  Mark Dowdell  "SAU 16 administrators, teachers, and staff members have been using FirstClass for many years. We selected RWD because we believed that it would provide us with an easy to use web publishing tool that would be available to all staff members who use the F  2015/4/1 7:37 AM     32K -