Websby literally wouldn't exist without the partnership we have with these guys.  Comprised of the very best engineering and development team we've ever seen, the Edsby team is second to absolutely no one.  The Edsby team has been building award-winning software for education for over thirty years.

Their founders include the founders and architects of FirstClass®, a messaging and collaboration product used by millions of students and teachers around the world and credited as the original learning management system, or LMS.

Close relationships with education customers over three decades have given them deep insights into problems faced by teachers, students, parents and administrators. 

In 2010, they created Edsby to offer something completely new for schools based on latest software technology.

Websby was built to leverage the amazing power of the Edsby platform, and our interface is housed in the Edsby environment.  Although Websby can operate perfectly as a standalone web management system, those districts and schools that also use Edsby have a truly unbeatable solution.

We so appreciate the expertise and help given us by the folks at Edsby!


Aptiris helps schools succeed when implementing technologies for communication and collaboration.  Founded in 1998, they specialize in system planning and setup, integration, training, and support.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Aptiris works with education institutions across the country, ranging in size from 10 to 250,000+ users. 90% of Aptiris customers are K-12 institutions, with the remaining customers coming from Higher Education, Government and Corporate sectors.

Most recently, Aptiris developed the Twine suite of solutions that combines Edsby and Websby with a custom built information system that is targeted at smaller independent schools and school districts.

Aptiris and Dowdell Incorporated have worked independently with hundreds of school systems each over the past two decades, and regularly work together on projects such as this one.  Joint projects have included a website re-design and rollout for more than 300 schools at Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, FL; design and rollout of a parent web portal for Olentangy Local Schools, OH; and web design and content management systems for City Schools of Decatur, GA and Princeton Public Schools, NJ.

Our combined organizations bring together staff with a wide range of complementary skills, from project management, planning, training and support to graphic design, engineering, systems integration, and programming.  Together, Aptiris and Dowdell Incorporated offer a combination of cutting-edge technology and outstanding services that we believe to be unmatched.

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